Student Password Changer

All students who are logging into SOLS (Student Online Services) for the first time must change their password for security reasons. Once the password is successfully changed, the new password should be used to access all our student services.

It is advised that the new password be at least 6 characters long and should have at least 2 of the following 3 features in addition to the lower case letters.

1. at the least 1 Upper case letter. e.g. A - Z
2. at the least 1 numeral. e.g. 0 - 9
3. at the least 1 special symbol. e.g. @, #, etc

Examples of acceptable passwords: gR@pes, un1Versity, G&$duat3
(For security do not use these examples - Create your own password)

Thank You and Welcome to USP.

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